Half-Life 2 Lost Coast ANY% No Launch Single Segment PB and Speedrun.com WR


Hey everyone, I haven’t been on SourceRuns in a looooooong time. Sorry.

I wanted to come back to say I’ve gotten a Personal Best on HL2LC, “No Launch”, being 01:36, and one that is currently not verified, that is 01:30 approx.

I wanted to get some comments about my run, maybe how I could improve these Single-Segment Runs.

Here are the links to the Speedrun.com runs I’ve posted for HL2LC.

1st Posted as Record
Currently Accepted as Record

Thanks for reading and watching :slight_smile:

UPDATE! - Recently got a New PB, timed myself from the rules listed on Speedrun.com. Time, 01:20. I did use ABH at one section, knowing that I can do it there consistently.

Here It Is!


Why are you not using ABH?


demo_legacy_rollback 1


I can’t find a good spot to do it (consistently that is), any suggestions?

Not used to source, and not home at the moment, will test it once I get back


Just posted an update on the original post, I beat my old time again,


You can do ABH in the very first part of the map, this trick is really inconsistent and requires you do a lot of scrolling really quickly cus you sorta do a stucklaunch off the side of the boat, combined with the extra hops you get from that small slope next to the rock. You can also ABH toward the end of the run.

Nice thumbnail tho :smiley:


Nice run, I’m guessing that run was segmented? It seemed so at one point, where it kinda bugged out. If so, maybe you should add the “SS” and “Not SS” tags on the leaderboard (At least I’d still have a record XD)

I’ll have to practice the ABH in the beginning, if I can’t get it, I’ll try finding another route. Thanks :slight_smile:


how far can you lauch and still be considered in the “No Launch” category?
Would make more sense to not allow any ABH launch before the first gate.

He provided a demo so it’s most likely Single segment. (afaik it’s possible to combine multiple demos into one but it’s really hard to do and it would look even more obvious)


I like the thought of that for no launch, but if it’s still allowed, I’ll have to learn it XD

Also, I probably should’ve thought about that before saying that, whoops


It is single segment, I just kept trying it again and again til I got it and the run is pretty short so it wasn’t that much of a chore to do.

That’s the farthest I’ve ever gone.

I guess Any% No Launch is just beat the game as long as you use some of Valve’s intended route. Normal any% literally skips everything.


Well, great run, I’ll have to change video titles, and then when I get the chance, practice. I will beat the run of its the death of me XD


I can’t get it ;-; I’ve tried for hours now, halp :’(



What counts as the end of the run in Lost Coast?


Time starts right once the crosshairs pop up, ends right once the main menu pops back up


Finally got the launch down (Partially, still haven’t been able to get distance, but been able to get height)

So far, best time now, 1:07. I will get it eventually 8)