Half Life 2: Episode Two - Done Quick


“Damn dude, if this comes out as well as you’re describing it, we might be using you for future videos”


I can confirm


Just saw this pop up on youtube… Holy fucking what the hell??

4 minutes in and i already have to disagree with you all. This is not a speedrun of HL2ep2; this is a speed*rape *to put it mildly! Jesus christ what a beautiful run… And I don’t mean to say that rape is beautiful but I hope you get what I mean…

I’m sorry for such a crude post, it’s just that I’m completely speechless after only having watched a fraction of it all… Jesus… I have to continue!

Edit: “This car can sure take some abuse!” Are you fucking kidding me, how perfect is that? And just the thought of having Dog push the car… It’s genius! I can’t help but just laugh at everything, this is ridiculous…

This run is amazing on so many levels! And that stucklaunch from an ammo box AS IT WAS LANDING? Jesus christ!

Post-finish edit: I don’t know what to say really… I… S made a nice X-bow shot on one of the birds I guess… Yeah…

Good job everyone.

I’ll just never come back here.




:’( igge pls come back


That was mental… I can’t even. Also why the hell was I mentioned in the credits? Thanks, but I contributed NOTHING.


Apparently the demos weren’t public so if anybody still wants these then they’re here.