Half Life 2: EP2 Perplexity in 7:03


[font=arial, sans-serif]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PgD5iyGHufY

[font=arial, sans-serif]A one day project done on normal mode.
[font=arial, sans-serif]**My keyboard has the ability to swap key functions, so I can it can either spam a key in game when a button is **
[font=arial, sans-serif]**held or just have it be pressed once when held, is that considered a script, because there is no use of AHK or **
[font=arial, sans-serif]anything else involved, just convenient hardware.


It’s essentially the same as a script so it should be considered as such.


Yeah, same goes for controllers with “turbo” feature.


Yeah, I speedrun with one of these :stuck_out_tongue: