Half-Life 2: Done Portal


So, me and thelolcrewsj is restarting a segmented Half-Life: Done Portal run. We need some more runners, and I have no idea how to make all segments into one video, so we could really use some extra help. I know people are focusing on Portal Stories: Mel and Half-Life 2: TSA but we would be so happy if more people joined. We’re gonna start routing tomorrow, and if you wanna join, add /id/manint71 on steam.


I would be happy to help, this sound like a fun segmented run and could get more peoples into ‘Done Portal’.

I am available most days for running or routing.


Out of curiosity, why have you decided to restart the run? Have you found any new major improvements over the run that was worked on before?


Well, the run just kinda…died…and if we can find the old demos of this and do not find any more routes, we shouldn’t have to restart


Here are the old demos. https://www.dropbox.com/sh/jz08jzw187adxnu/AAD8uS1jRxhW5PlpiyhKELOea?dl=0

Here’s a render of a couple of them: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=I6nccq9sTIU

We stopped running cause it was meh and 90% of the “fast” routes are really dumb save glitches plus item flings, and of course you can’t airstrafe for shit when you’re flying at the speed of light because the game is just programmed that way :confused: