Half-Life 2 done Episode 2 (+installer)


It has come to my attention that a few people (mainly Chili_n_such) have started messing around with running hl2 in the ep2 engine. This allows for movement while out of bounds among other things, making some interesting skips possible. I have made a simple batch file for copying hl2 maps into an existing ep2 install. I need someone to test it to make sure it works. Here’s the link: https://drive.google.com/open?id=0Bz7UHGoNMrBNcDlhMl9rY3o1c1

Let me know if anything breaks.

P.S. don’t use this with ghosting mod


:smiley: For anyone that doesn’t like downloading:

title half-life 2 done episode 2 installer
echo please enter the location of your half-life 2 install (where hl2.exe is)
set /p hl2dir=
echo please enter the location of your episode 2 install (where hl2.exe is; may be the same folder)
set /p ep2dir=
echo copying maps...
xcopy "%hl2dir%\hl2\maps" "%ep2dir%\ep2\maps\" /E /I
echo copying models...
xcopy "%hl2dir%\hl2\models" "%ep2dir%\ep2\models\" /E /I
echo copying scenes...
xcopy "%hl2dir%\hl2\scenes" "%ep2dir%\ep2\scenes\" /E /I
echo done!


I’m not entirely sure if this is needed anymore, (because we tried this before copying over models) but I think some HL2DP maps were needed to prevent crashes.