Half-Life 2 Done Backwards?

I had a crazy idea. Speedrunning every map backwards! Before I start doing segments, I’m gonna ask the community if this sounds fun because I’m not doing it by myself!

Here’s an idea I had for a coast_07 route: http://www22.zippyshare.com/v/PUA1KBEl/file.html

And also, shouldn’t it be HL2 Done Forwards, because we’re ABH-ing?

what version was this made on

The problem is, a lot of maps don’t have level transitions that don’t go back to the previous map, like some maps you have to drop through a ceiling, you can’t go back, even with noclip, or propflying, it just isn’t possible to get back to previous maps, same with doors, unless you can clip through walls there may not be any level transition behind any locked doors.

Soooo, good luck with that.

I guess you could just do individual levels.

Pretty sure some maps also have clipbrushes to prevent you from going back, for example d2_coast_09 but I think it only happens if you load the chapter through “New Game” menu?

i just realized that it was on half-life 2 update. dammit. well, if you have that, go look at it. i’ll remake it in the original hl2 now.

there we go: http://www22.zippyshare.com/v/PUA1KBEl/file.html

it was on latest hl2 version


Oh f*ck, I didn’t think about that.

Well then, I’ll do only the maps that it’s possible to do in

That would be cool, I would quite like to help out if you need runners or routers.

Probably someone could edit the maps with hammer to allow it going backwards, that would make it an really interesting run, possibly even an mod.

Edit: And also reversing cutscenes somehow.

I could edit the maps, but then would it be hl2 anymore? I think it might be better to just do the maps we can, although editing the maps would allow for a complete run. Also when would timing start, and end, we could do it so that maybe it ends once we are in the train. And for the start, what would we begin with? All weapons all ammo? Nothing?
Edit: We could start with the things you get from doing “map d3_breen_01”, any perhaps then complete the level with as little as possible, then start with that?

If we got more people, we could make this into a total conversion mod, and we will speedrun that mod.

I doubt that will happen, sadly. But it would be cool.

I can start work on some maps if you want

Yeah sure, Littlesackninja. I’m gonna start working on some maps tomorrow. Do you have skype?, in that case could you pm me and we could start to work on some kind of mod together :>, but im pretty sure that we will have to remove some cutscenes like a red letter day and black mesa east (atleast parts of them).

Edit: Also I think we should start with no weapons - as that would make the game way to easy (although it already is :stuck_out_tongue: ).

Edit 2: Also I think that we should start by making Point Insertion backwards to test if this “game mode” is working and if it is, I think we should continue.

I’ve started working on d1_trainstation_01 will be done soon

I’ll start work on d1_trainstation_02, also I sent you a message BronyPony on sourceruns.

Also for the new maps, I think we should add another prefix to them, so that we don’t have to overwrite the old ones, so like d1_trainstation_01_b.

BronyPony, can you add me on Steam? I’m not a mapper (well, I’m trying to make a game mode and a map in TF2 but Hammer is hard) but I’d love to contribute with what I can. Like testing the maps and stuff.


I have finished trainstation_01 - 03 going into 04, but How are we going to do A Red Letter Day? Since it has the player teleport.

If it’s possible to delete that whole cutscene and just climb into Kleiner’s lab, that’d be great. If it isn’t possible, try to make a teleporter similar to the teleporters you can find in Half-Life, like the portal to Xen, but it’s just the particle. Hopefully you understand what I mean.

Could you send me the finished maps, I’d love to try them.

Is anyone still interested in this project? This thread inspired me to start my own hl2 “backwards” mod last june which I wanted to be playable by casuals and speed gamers. My goal was to make it feel just like regular hl2, but with the maps being played in reversed order of course, so triggers, NPCs, scripted sequences, player spawn positions, elevators, teleports and lots of other things are edited. I have also edited brush work, or used props and ladders in parts where it’d be hard or impossible to progress otherwise without speed gamer strats. About 2/3 of the maps are playable, although non are even close to being final, and will require lots of work still.

Below is a demo of still unfinished maps if you want to see what it will roughly look like. I haven’t bothered with optimization yet so I suggest opening portals with “r_portalsopenall 1” command.


Let me know what you think and if you want to help.


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