Half-Life 2 Compilation of strats I do


Video compilation: https://youtu.be/rG7j8U96SGQ (Note: There is a video description)
DEMOS (Ghostingmod): https://mega.co.nz/#!7UNAVJLQ!lr2cSDuP5oxsEyldwPlm3h4TqDlZmP5mJzrfWYwLd3s

I believe AFH, S tapping, toggle_duck and circle strafing are underutilized. I wanted to show the effectiveness of these techniques, the pathing I do and also different possibilities.

Feel free to share any opinions, discuss and ask about anything I do.


on canals 09 (2:00 mark), how consistent does that strat work for you, to get into the long tunnel?

also, your AFH is god tier


It doesn’t work very often, but I think the reason for this is that I’m just bad at doing it. A lot of the time I get stopped by the crate and sometimes I’m two jumps short. I believe it could be quite consistent if you learn how to angle into the wall and when to angle out from the wall again. Also, I try scroll +jump at specific parts at the first ramp to get good speed and when against the wall I do standing ABH with a kinda slow continuous scroll. If you miss the first few times it’s not too big of a time-loss as you know very early when it has failed and can retry.


Do you have like, afh bot? Also sick Maxam strats :wink: