Half-Life 2 Cinematic Mod Speedrunning (CMOLT)


Hello there,
This post is about discussing the HL2 Cinematic mod (CM2013) and speedrunning it, As I am currently undergoing a segmented run of it (CMOLT - Cinematic mod over little time) which probably will not be very quick, But I thought I would give it a shot atleast for part of it. The mod besides from being a graphics overhaul, completely changes many levels to help it look better, so many tricks will/will not work, and it also joins some levels together, Such as Physics Puzzle #1 In Route Kanal with Manhack jump, so there may be a skip there by going over the level perhaps, It also joins Coast_01 with the train bit between coast and Ravenholm/mines, so you can skip Leons large cutscene. These are 2 example but there is others. I also doubt anyone is going to speedrun this and I wouldnt be surprised if you didnt since the download is 17GB, then 50GB uncompressed! Also I am running on the latest CM2013 Version (V12 on Pre Steampipe is only like 20GB), I understand this will cause some demo issues perhaps so I do not expect this run to be published anywhere of note, but it should be a fun project for me and if anyone else wishes to join in.

(Btw, it is using spt and scripts, and my segmenting method is to load the level, spt will pause, then I will start recording, unpause, then when I finish the segment I will stop the recording, save, and load the save and start recording again ect. Then I will play them back and record them and do the audio tweaks post production)

Canals_01 - 08:



Sounds like an interesting project; good luck! Note: the way you describe segmenting doesn’t appear to take into account the segment stopping binds; you should always “pause 100” after saving and then stopdemo so that the footage can be overlapped to prevent broken or skipped frames in the video.


Is that necessary? It is not going to be a very fast run as I am a pretty new runner, it is more just as a fun project.


It’s not necessary but it’s not hard. :wink:


Im not sure that I quite understand how? (Im sure i’m just dumb), Can I do it afterwards so that I can just focus on the runnign for now, because I will be segmenting quite a bit ie. I am going to be segmenting right in the middle of tricks/abhs.


No, you can’t do it afterwards. What happens is when you finish recording a demo, Source is a Good Engine™ and corrupts the camera angle for the first few frames. The “solution” is to record extra footage at the end and use it to replace the first few frames the next one at editing time.

Example: If your stop bind normally looks like this:
[font=times new roman]bind mouse4 “save nextsave; stop”
Change it to this:
[font=times new roman]bind mouse4 “save nextsave; echo ##SAVE##; wait 100; stop”

The ##SAVE## is so that you can time the demo with demo_debug or listdemo+ (which you’d need to ask YaLTeR about probably) or I think you can just subtract 100 from the tick total.


Thanks, But I am not using a binding to stop it I am pausing then going into the console and typing in “stop”, “save segment0x” and then I retype my binding which starts my recording with the next segment name, So would I just type “wait 100” into the console and then type stop and save ect?


You’re just making it difficult for yourself, use this http://pastebin.com/U069dzQX

Make a new text docusment in hl2/cfg and call it autoexec.cfg, it has to be a .cfg, not a .txt. Paste the text above into it.
Change the “MOUSE4 and MOUSE5” and “-” binds to whatever you like, call your save file “1” in hl2/save so when you press the buttoun bound to “lodd” it automatically loads the save you called “1”.
unpause and start the demo by pressing the button bound to “unp4use” and stop the segment and end the demo by pressing the button bound to “S4V3”. The “wait 100” Mike is talking about is used to record a few extra frames of the demo so you can splice the segments together after rendering them for the smoothest transition possible. It’s not easy being a runner, you have to be good at the game and be good at video editing, otherwise you’ll get haunted by yalter in the youtube comments.

No need for constantly typing console commands.


Yeah, it’s explained in great detail here and here.


Ok thanks for the help. Sorry for me being so dumb.


Will I have to go into the Cfg ile and change it from ie 1 or segment1 to segment2 or 2 because otherwise won’t it just replace it?


Rename the files when you get the segment.


Ok thanks Rama and everyone else. Ps. Luv canals_11 skip you are epic


Also one quick thing, How would I do oob save/load clipping, because demos are stopped over loading?


Just keep each save somewhere that was used for the buffer. During the video production, make a screenshot of their first frames and have each screenshot last 1 frame during the saveload buffer.


Ok Thanks.
I’m Having a bit of trouble figuring out when the time should start, since the mod does not give the crosshair in the train, but rather in A Red Letter Cutscene, Which is why I think Livesplit could not autostart, Is there any other way of me figuring this out? The segment does not start exactly on the “New Game” Bit, So I cannot just count how long it is. Is there a sound that plays perhaps?


Timing starts when the player gains control (can freely move mouse and/or move around), unless specified otherwise.


This is actually helpful to me because I was always confused about doing this. Thanks :smiley:


Okay I have made the Spreadsheet for the times, And I have added what I have so far (Not Much) https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1vUs2bcVQmzfPd2MgCRKgKXTJ0SPuwYi-JdMFxmAaigU/edit?usp=sharing


Just made a discovery, the mod sets timescale to 0.85 up until you get the suit for some reason, I guess to make it more cinematic maybe? Anyway I dont think this can be avoided as it sets it hard capped to it (you cannot change it atall).