Half-Life 2 Beta E3 Strider Run in 5.80


Hey guys! TheRockstarr33 here and I want to share with everyone that I am trying to be the (I think) first person in the world to speedrun at least some of Half-Life 2 beta. :smiley: This is a preview and it was a pain in the butt to do. :frowning:

Please note that I don’t like bunnyhopping as much and I am not as good at it as ABHing. But what can you do? I am an amateur and I even want to do a complete game speedrun or an E3 speedrun.


I now have a new post dedicated to HL2 Beta Speedrunning. Here it is:



Don’t see much point to this >.<


This is a demo. I will make more, possibly even an E3 run soon.


There’s already a run of the Missing Information e3 maps.


There is already a run of Half-Life 2. Yet many people still do it. I might end up doing the E3 maps and some chapters from Half-Life 2 Beta, no matter if anyone else has already done them


Don’t see much demand for HL2 beta when most of what we have is buggy and incomplete (and the people making the hacks are whiny, squabbling, hypocritical babies)


I just feel like doing it. Although I do not like bunnyhopping so much, I thought that it would be cool and unique. I will probably do an E3 run, partly because the person who did the E3 Run with The Missing Information mod said he thought I might be able to do it. I might give it a go.


Does the beta even have bunnyhopping?


Yeah, its got FBhop.