Half-Life 2 Any% in 1:32:17 (new engine, no scripts)




Notable things about this run:

2 CRINGE-WORTHY screw-ups in c17_13 and on the final map resulting in over 2 minutes lost on c17_13 and over 1 minute lost on breen_01.

My splits were comparing against my sum of bests.

Splits are off by 1 after coast_10, my coast_11 split disappeared somehow.

Canals_11 and 12 were just awful in general.

A list of things that went wrong just on c17_13: (1) Got the double boost on 4th try. (2) Got the +walk abh 2nd try after accidentally saving mid air. (3) My smg nade boosted me above ground?! (4) I saved a frame before the backup grenade went off causing me to save/load straight down. (5) Coincidentally had to use save deletion to restart c17_13 from the beginning; and (6) I really screwed up the +walk abh on the 2nd round through.

On Breen_01 I managed to do a fast strat first try, but unfortunately one of the gunships was flying way lower than they ever should and managed to kill me many many times before i could reset properly.

All in all a pretty decent run with 2 major screw-ups. Could have easily been sub 1:30:00 without those.


Wow, nice. You should submit that! http://www.speedrun.com/hl2

This is also pretty cool if you want to go a bit faster. https://forums.sourceruns.org/index.php?topic=2713.0


Already submitted friend. Just as well, I’ve already looked through Maxam’s compilation and have take lots of inspiration from it. I am always up for any and all new strats though!


Cool, I didn’t look much at your run but I’ll deffinetly look through it all at some point. Now when Save Deletion is a thing I hope to see more frag grenades being used. I’m sure there are better examples but at 37:27 and 39:16 I think it would be cool to use frag grenades for damage boosts. And at 39:37, instead of blowing the boxes up, use the gravity gun and do a rocket jump kinda thing with an explosive barrel over the boxes instead, maybe even try do double explosive barrel boost!

Do you stream your runs? :slight_smile:


Yes, I hope to see more strats involving damage boosts in the near future. It’s unfortunate however that so many maps don’t give the required grenades and/or smg nades for any possible damage boosts. If anything, it looks like some further routing may be needed now with the inclusion of save deletion; very exciting.

As for the areas you mentioned. In town_01a, I believe we move too fast through the area to make any damage boost there useful. However, in town_04.


Assuming we use 1 grenade in town_02 and 1 in town_02a; We have 1 left over for town_04. Of course, this is also assuming you skip the smg nade in town_02 by using the radiator punt.

The same goes for town_05, in that I believe we move too fast through the area as well as some clip brushes that don’t allow for bigger damage boosts that would save more time. This is the closest I’ve been able to find:


And no, I have not streamed my runs before due mostly to lack of time. But I think I may start streaming runs in the near future. That is, if I can find the time.


Dunno what you want to show with the second clip. Just pick up the explosive barrel with the gravity gun and face the opposite direction of where you want to go and shoot the barrel at your feet and jump. The setup is less than 0.5 seconds, just ash/afh towards the barrel and pick it up and shoot.

Looked through it all and I think you’d be able to WR within weeks if you played enough. The only thing I feel that is slow is how you start your jumps with an ash, I’d recommend practicing side ways circle jumping (like I do at time stamp 5:01 in my strat compilation video) or just do normal circle jumping and turn around into afh, or normal circle jump into 1 abh and then turn around and do afh/ash).

I also want to point out that at 12:55, don’t do that shit. Just place the pallet in no certain way and then step back and do circle jump into the pallet (read: jump, you should fly into the pallet). Don’t even try wiggle wiggle launch :slight_smile: . At 15:00, I’m not sure but don’t jump to land on the box, go down the water as soon as you can. I think the trigger to continue is by the water, and if so, easiest 0.5 seconds time save. 1:17:24, might not be practical but do double explosive boost at the clip so you fly over both force fields and slope bug of the ramp or maybe edge bug of the stairs. And a bit further a head where Barney opens the door for you, maybe it’s a good idea to skip the wall climb and do a smg+frag greande boost up, if you can survive (probably could do it with only 1 boost).

Maybe not take this post too serious, I just like routing and I can’t do it by myself in my current position so I’m relying on others :>.

Anyways, nice work! Cool strats, Kreygasm if you do everything first try and go smoothly.

Edit: Oh yeah, this is a pretty cool strat :> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GrFVMqL2SCc


I see what you mean in town_05 with the damage boost, I may try that in the future depending on whether it is consistent enough for me.

The majority of the times I start doing an ASH it will be with a circle strafe or a sideways circle strafe as you call it. But as you know once you start doing runs, it’s easy to forget to do little things like that.

I have tried many many different strats for the pallet jump in trainstation_06 and the one that I currently do works the most consistent for me, that is, when i can even remember how to do it. However, I will probably use the strat you suggested to alter the one I use to be even more consistent.

In canals_01a, landing on the box wastes no time as the trigger to start the following scene is above the water and above the box itself for that matter.

Based on your suggestions, here’s an improved route through c17_10a - c17_12: https://youtu.be/vw9_jksmH5o

for the double grenade boost over the 2 gates, I found holding 1 grenade as close as possible to you, then throwing the other right before it explodes will give you somewhere around 1200-1400 ups. Depending on your angle, this is the ideal speed. It allows us to land on the concrete cube with minimal fall damage. Since we save delete in 10b and use a smg nade in the double boost, that means we have 1 less smg nade than normal. Meaning we need to use the rocket for the launch on the roof in 11. Since we now have all these rockets, we can now go for the launch on 12 as shown in the video.

Thank you very much for your suggestions and criticism.


Right on dude! That’s cool.

I do the pallet jump in my pb and I find it super fast and I get it at least 9/10 times.
But it does waste time to delay your jump to be able to reach the box doesn’t it? :slight_smile: Just jump as soon as you’re able to jump directly into the water.

I don’t really know about all the places where you can do Save Deletion but if you can do it at the beginning of every map I would definetly have double/triple/quadruple damage boost strats in my mind.

Just some off-topic ideas I have:
Can you do triple grenade boost if you shoot an smg grenade straight up, cook a frag grenade and shoot a second smg grenade and time it all so they explode at the same time?
Can you combine a gravity gun punt boost together with a damage boost?
Can you drop a frag grenade on the floor, cook and hold a new one, boost on the first one and then somehow boost again in the air on the second frag grenade?

All these explosions makes me excited :o :o :o

Edit: Maybe the frag grenade dupe thing could be used somewhere :open_mouth: