Half-Life 2: Aftermath


Dudes…you NEED to watch this…seriously…Half-Life 2: Aftermath


Yeah, I’ve seen it a day ago or so…looking REAL cool!“We’ll see about that!”


Another challenge waiting for you :smiley:


The video seems interlaced and the codec is lousy, other than that it seems very nice. And Alyx’s handgund features burs fire. :stuck_out_tongue:


we need to get HL2 done ‘quick’ (excuse the pun) so we can start speedrunning aftermath.i reckon we can get it done in 30 mins, as i think it said somewhere its around 1/3 the size :wink:


It’s possible, unless there is a lot of dialogue, whick I think there will be because the word “aftermath” suggests some kind of explaining of everything.