Half-Life 14th Anniversary


According to the advice of Arianon I created this topic. So, a discussion subject — Half-Life 14th anniversary.
On this occasion I recorded a speedrun. I cite my last message:

Very soon our favourite game will be 14 years old. In honor of it I decided to record a speedrun, but as I am not a professional and it is my first speerun, the record, of course, didn't beat. Recorded at once on Fraps, because demos don't work. Yes, my speedrun is bad, but I wanted to make something in honor of Half-Life 14 anniversary.

And what you made/plan to make for Half-Life birthday? :slight_smile:


Hey, I watched your run and it’s quite nice, you use some nice tricks from Spider-Waffle’s run, quadrazid’s SS and a few from dopefish’s run.

It was poorly optimized though and you gave yourself too many little mistakes but it’s nice to see you wanted to do something special for Half-Life’s birthday, it quite inspires me to make another crappy run myself this weekend :slight_smile:


Thanks very much. I noticed mistakes, but I’m lazy to rerecord.


Wow, it is that old already :open_mouth:

And nice run! As has been said, it isn’t perfect, but it is probably better than I am able to do.


Nice! How many segments?


Oh, I don’t know, didn’t count. Recorded without demos, at once on Fraps. Simply cut out deaths.


IS the video smaller than it’s meant to be, or is Youtube bugged for me?