Half Life 1 time


How does one calculate half life time (AKA,

Time:  35.85 s.
Frames:  8912
Size:  554

into a hh:ss:mm time?


This probably isn’t a popular method but I actually do the math in my head (I pretty much failed math in high school so no you don’t need to be good at it).

I just count in multiples of 60 until I reach the closest time and then add/subtract from there, though I’m sure there’s a much better and more efficient way of doing it. Unfortunately Googling it just provides you with a decimal answer :confused:


I’d gladly help you, but I don’t know what you mean. 35 seconds is 0 hours 0 minutes and 35 seconds.


Some do it by timing it during post-production in Vegas. Like quad showed here.

Or you can use this easy tool:



oh thanks arianon, im going to do it post production I just want to see how fast my run is at the moment,
so far its 03:44

Wow that pic shows alot on how HL21 was rendered
Only problem for me is I dont have sony vegas, I have Vegas Movie Studio HD Platinum