Half Life 1 Previous Speedruns


It’s worth watching the previous Half Life 1 speedruns as the tricks that are done in them could help us in Source. Also if you haven’t watched Waffle’s yet then DO IT NAO! :smiley:



“First off, I have to give credit to -think.circle- and Dopefish…”

Both of those people did runs. That makes 4 runs that we can draw routes and tricks from for our speedrun. :smiley:

Spider Waffle’s

This would be the second time that we haven’t had to make as many route discoveries as the sourceruns team. :-[ Don’t wanna make that a habit but we should use these resources since we have them.


Ya, all previous runs have something good in them.

Links to all of 'em here:


Wouldn’t put it past Spider Waffle if there wasn’t something in his single segment we could use as well. That makes 5. :smiley: