Half-Life 1 Gonarch problem


Hello everyone,

so i started 2 weeks ago to learn and run the Half-Life 1 speedrun (hard / scriptless) on the nghl client. But im having a problem on Gonarch’s fight that i cant seem to resolve, i already asked to my friend Pruno if he knew the problem but unfortunately he doesn’t. So my problem is really simple, during the fight, Gonarch, always at the same moments of the fight, start to moonwalk instead of standing still so i can shoot her, here is a video : http://www.twitch.tv/naelie/c/4641742 at 40:44.

Thank you guys in advance for your answers.



What the hell? No idea why that happens.

But that shouldn’t be an issue at all since you can still advance through the game by simply shooting the Gonarch’s sack while she “moonwalks”.

Also, other people have had that same issue, but they just cope with it.


happens to me if i move before shooting gonarch the first time.
so try staying still until she stops


Ok thanks for your answers guys, i’ll try what kukkye said. And btw Arianon sorry i forget to mention it but Gonarch cant take damage while she’s doing that moonwalk :confused:

Edit: it works perfectly thank you kukkye !


Can’t take damage? Huh, pretty strange. I never had that glitch before.


Not that strange since the game thinks she still hasn’t got to her destination, making her invincible during the walk animation.