Half-Life 1 AutoSplit Mod


If anyone is interested, I spent some time putting together a HL1 auto split mod yesterday.

Since it turned out better than I expected, I figured I’d post it here in case someone gets some use from it.



It’s a little hacky, but it works well. It automatically splits on load for each chapter of the game. I compiled with Bunnymod Pro, so you don’t need to worry about the speed cap. (thanks to YaLTeR)

To set it up just put the “AutoSplit” folder in your Half-Life directory and launch it as a mod. It will work with wSplit or LiveSplit, just *make sure you have your split key set to numpad_plus and use the pre-made splits packaged with the mod. Also turn off “Double Tap Prevention” in wSplit or LiveSplit

To start a run you can use a bind like:

bind <key> "map c1a0; autosplit_start"

So yeah, let me know if you think this is good. Or if you hate it, tell me that too~


Hey, I finally got it working, it’s great!!

I had the problem where my keybind (kp_ins – map c1a0; autosplit_start) didn’t work. I kept trying it, and the map c1a0 part worked, but the timer didn’t start (I’m using LiveSplit). I tried autosplit_start in console and the timer didn’t start, and it output “3+” in console. I thought it might for some reason be cause its on the numpad, so I tried the same bind with “L” then it worked! I tried my kp_ins bind again and it worked which was weird…
(Telling you this for bug fixing & whatnot)

Also I have a question, would changing this field screw anything up?(Run category)


Thanks for letting me know. Unless I misread, you set your bind like this?:

bind kp_ins "map c1a0; autosplit_start"

Because this bind, and the bind for your split key need to be different. Its kinda confusing, but I’ll make it more user friendly in the future. Thanks again though :slight_smile:


Thanks a lot again for this nd3644, great work !


thanks mate!! can u do the same for valve won? plz, bunnymod pro is not allowed for some reason


Bunnymod Pro (hlspbunny) is no longer considered legitimate because it was never officially released by Valve, and is just a mod. Can you compile it with valve_WON instead? https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B1O65pK-C6qYdEJkNkNXN1NGRWs/view?pli=1 I really want to try this out.


Bunnymod Pro is not legitimate because it contains features (like carrying the gauss charge through loads) that were never present in the original game.

He cannot compile it with valve_WON because we don’t have the source code of that.


is it possible to make a bunnymod pro category? got sick of 100 fps cap and bugs, i dont really care about the gauss or grenade charges through loading zones


It’s not like anyone prevents you from running it and publishing videos


How i can use it with WON version, is it’s ok if i replace all from Autosplit to WON version and start an official speedrun, or it’s anyway to do autosplit?


You don’t use it, you use BXT and LiveSplit which has worked fine together for autosplitting for a while at this point.


any guides for it?
Can it automatically change segment at livesplit?