H.264 and "Trick Guide Text"


So I saw “HL² Done Quick” on google, thats why I found your website and start to try the same tricks like you and done some tricks successful. :smiley: I saw the file “Trick Guide” but I cant download it.So, where or how can I get this file?Second, I download the high quality movie of HL² Done Quick, but what file I need for “H.264”?Great Tricks!!!


The tricks guide is on this page. Not download, but you could copy/paste it. I think H.264 is one of those things you need ffdshow or VLC for.


Yeah, I use VLC player to view the speed run :slight_smile:


Yeah!Thx for the Guide :DAnd the VCL player works great :smiley:


I’m very impressed with video capture with H.264 absolute clear I see no pixel.I wonder what kind of program to capture this video ?


The video was created using the Source Engines console. From there I believe it was suck together using VDub, and then encoded with the different codecs and v/bitrates…?