Gunman Chronicles


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This probably isn’t tremendously useful for the segmented run, but I found in rust there is a way to obtain permanent low gravity.

In rust7a, there is a space anchor with two triggers. One inside and one outside of the anchor, the one inside lowers the gravity and the one outside restores it.

You can use the shotgun to boost over the trigger that restores gravity, and keep the low gravity for the rest of the game.

In SS / RTA this allows you to quickly get on the edges of the cliffs in west and maintain bhop speed more easily, skipping half of the tank section (saving almost 3 minutes).

PJC made a demo showing how the skip in west is done:


Here’s a video for the ‘tankless’ route:


A couple skips


A way to do the huge rebar2a skip w/o the triggerdelay:

For scriptless runs.


cust_ abuse:


nd3644 posts his 44:12 single segment run on YouTube, a Star Wars runner and old school Gunman DM player named Vryndar comments showing interest, they talk on Steam. Vryndar asks about something called “cust_ abuse” and whether it’s banned in speedruns due to it’s brutal effects back when Gunman multiplayer was alive; nd3644 of course doesn’t know what cust_ abuse is and so looks into it. The clips in this video display just some of the effects of this exploit.


The cust_ command is what the game uses to set the customization settings of each weapon. However when using specific unintended, long values, the weapons become ridiculously powerful and other weird effects can occur. The beamgun is capable of emitting many different colours and you could even create a script that switches between them.

To clarify, we don’t even know the full potential of this yet. It has been said that theoretically “infinite” health should be possible by using the chemical gun to give negative damage. We’re assuming that there is some sort of pattern in the game’s code that can be found that would allow us to determine and find out what all of the useful cust_ values are. We do not know what a speedrun would look like with this, nor have we discussed where this should be allowed, if at all.

Here is a list of values that Vryndar had saved previously; again, these are only some of the values, the best ones likely being unknown currently:


Wow, that’s insane. I’d hate to see such awesome exploits go to waste; a separate category would be wonderful.


So is there any way we could get an update on the run. Where are you guys at and is there an ETA. really looking forward to the run btw :slight_smile: