Gunman Chronicles


I was going to reply “I doubt they will save much more than a minute in total in GMC”, then I found this:

Holy. Fuck. Nuts. This practically skips 11 levels that took me about 6 minutes to complete in one go with descent speedrunning pace and godmode enabled. This doesen’t even screw up the weapons. The skip happens between 0:11 and 0:16, I included the rest to better show at which point in the game I am and to show that you can get your hands on the chemgun fast afterwards (since the skip starts in the level you normally would get it).


Nice work!


Thanks! Looks like a final run would be close to 20 minutes with this, only quadrazids BH run in the west levels and the changelevel triggerdelay I found saves roughly 15 min to downups run.

Here’s some new stuff I found today:
(I know my BH needs work, i’m new to this GoldSrc stuff.)

The “beam” skip is alot harder than it looks, you have to be crouched mid-air and have good enough speed and timing to cover the distance of this trigger:

Wall strafing @ 500fps and one shotgun boost is extremely close to be enough, couldn’t reach stable 1000fps so it might be possible with that.


Quality skips. This speedrun will surely be something.


Me and Kitin have decided to team up on this to make the run more optimised.

What is the optimal framerate for NPCs? As in when they’re turning for buttons etc.


If you have to keep moving while they turn, 62.5FPS will do pretty well and not make the video look jaggy, but if you’re allowed to stay put and wait, you can get it down to 25 or 20FPS so they turn around ASAP.


Hey kittin,
what viewer do you use to view the levels?
(if its BSPview then how do you get the textures show?)
nvm I got BSPviewer to get textures,
just needed the half-life.gcf


Is there any advice for going about doing team runs?

We’ve obviously worked out that we can work on each segment until we’ve optimized them to the best of our abilities then share the SAV, but how do you work with segment cuts that aren’t placed at loading screens?


Can you explain yourself? If you mean cutting a segment in a certain place, you can just tell your partner that the segment stops when, say, you reach the green crate with the rifle ammo, you just have both to stop at that designated moment.

Also, have you heard about jumpbugs? I’ve been fooling around and found a little timesaver, here I’m 5 seconds faster than in Kitin’s video, but it sure can be faster (and you may even be able to maintain your speed) if you decide not to pick up that healthkit

P.S.: It’s my first playthrough btw, and I don’t know jack shit about the triggerdelays, so I don’t know if that route above is already obsolete, lol.


That’s what I thought of doing, but how are we going to be able to cut in the exact same spot? I mean when it comes to putting the clips together, if Kitin has cut the segment even in a slightly different position to what I have, then there’s going to be a problem right?

I’ve looked at jumpbugs briefly, that’s a nice trick. Currently we’ve literally only just started working on the run (we decided to start from scratch), so whether that route/trick will become obsolete or not, I don’t know.

I don’t know much about triggerdelays in general myself, all I know this that you can move around in the next map for a short time whilst still in the current one, anyone is free to explain to me a little further about that, although at the moment we haven’t reached a point where that has become important.


I may be failing to get your point, but if you mean what I think you mean: there shouldn’t be a problem, unless one of you is re-doing the segment and the other is working on the following segment, which is not really a good idea because of health and ammo management, but in an ideal environment both of you should be competing to get the best segment, or alternate between players each segment (like, segment 1 you - segment 2 him - segment 3 you, etc).

EDIT: I accidentally a word.


I know that they exist but I have never managed to succesfully make one. That’s a very nice route and it isn’t obsolete, the only triggerdelays worth using thus far is in the last “rust” level and in the beggining of the last set of levels (rebar2a).


Yeah, in team runs you just compete for the best time in a segment until both of you are happy with the time and move on to the next segment.

There’s a feature in Bunnymod Pro to make custom triggers that would make segmenting positions 100% consistent, but I don’t think it’ll work with WON, unless you manage to get Gunman Chronicles working on NGHL. Otherwise you’ll have to use the old-school method to segment.

Kitin, you should try using this script, it helps out a lot while trying to perform a Jumpbug. I just don’t know how to make it so it doesn’t execute whenever you unpause the game. It’s a glitch where the game executes all commands with - (-jump for example) when you unpause. Really annoying.


Nah, GC has a highly customized client dll.


Well that’s a pretty good script indeed, but the one I use is much more consistent and easier (also no -command shit or anything), just hold down the +jumpbug key and you’ll survive the fall 95% of the times.

//jumpbug script
alias +jumpbug	"alias name jumpbug;jumpbug"
alias -jumpbug 	"alias name;-jump;-duck;fps_max 250;r_norefresh 0;r_drawviewmodel 1;r_drawentities 1"
alias jumpbug	"r_norefresh 1;r_drawviewmodel 0;r_drawentities 0;fps_max 1000;+jump;-duck;wait;-jump;+duck;wait;cmd name"

The only issue is that your screen will freeze while you hold down the +jumpbug key in order to achieve those 1000FPS, so you’ll have to be a bit lucky to land where you need to land.


My bad, stupid question when I think about it again lol.

I’m using Gunman with NGHL (at least, my rewolf folder is installed to the NGHL folder and I am able to choose ‘Change Game’ option in NGHL and switch to Gunman, if that’s what you mean). However, thinking over it again, Arianon is right, there shouldn’t be a problem if we both stay at the same pace and work on each segment together.

My guess is that it’s kind of similar to pressing +use whilst midair?


Try mounting any .pak files that come with Gunman, maybe (if any)? Also try reloading the map.


Okay, just a little update, I made a timesheet for the run (as you can probably tell, I used the HL21 timesheet as a reference lol):


How does one get into GMC? Does it involve buying it off of Amazon? I would like try to find routes and tricks and things.


I had a copy from years ago when the game was new, but you can still buy it from Amazon/eBay etc.

Not to say that buying it is the ONLY way of obtaining it though… :-X