Gunman Chronicles City2a Missing HUD Fix for RTA/SS


So as you may know typing in “map city2a” and playing the game will cause your HUD to disappear after a few steps along with weapon customization, this can be bit of a problem for the training areas and might cause problems later in the run.

So instead of every one going and making their own save game with item_suit added, which is a rather half assed and an unfair solution I’ve gone ahead and modded the map file to remove the entity that is suppose to give you the suit since when you type in “map city2a” the entity will remove the suit instead of giving you one since you spawn with one typing in the map name directly.

And since we start the timing on City2a It’s important that we’re all on a fair start and I think this is a fair solution since now every player will start at the same spot and there will be no dispute about that, plus I think having this map file might ease coming into the game for speedrunning!



Just download this .zip and then drag the .bsp into your rewolf/maps folder and replaced the city2a.