Guessing the final time


quadrazid came up with a fun idea. We should all, before we even attempt the first segment of Phase 1, guess what the final time of the entire speedrun will be. To make it even more fun, I was thinking we could find a way to keep the guesses hidden from each other, and reveal what everyone thought when the run is complete. The one whose guess came closest to the actual time of the run will be the winner. I don’t know about prizes or anything like that, but I thought it might just be a fun thing to do.

Edit: Cameron:D created a handy tool for registering your guess. You can find it here. And remember, don’t post your times in this topic!


Give me a minute and I’ll throw something together :smiley:






Sweet! Now before we start I guess you’ll have to verify your time by sending it to someone else. I’ve already submitted my guess, so whatever time you PM me it won’t influence what has already registered. Not that I think you’d cheat, but if you were come out on top there wouldn’t be any suspicions. 8)


fuck, I already posted my guess ;<

gj cameron!


Awesome, I guessed the correct time! I won a picture of a baby dragon and everything! :slight_smile:


Submitted my guess. Nice picture, really fits with the contest :stuck_out_tongue:


Is there a way to change my guess?


Just submit another guess


This will be interesting.


Did I winned?


Oh, I completely forgot about this. Will post the results tomorrow when I get back home


Here they are:


Gg Dom