Grenade, Vortigaunt jump problem in Half-Life.


Hi, i started speedrunning in Half-Life (NGHL) and i have problem with grenade, gauss gun and Vortigaunt boost, jump.
At the beginning Of the game at/in Resonance Cascade we can boost to window via Vortigaunt and i can’t do that. I try to do grenade jump in chapter “On a rail” and i can’t.
I try to find something but i don’t find anything on Internet.
When i try to do that in HL on Steam this work… great but on NGHL this not work. I saw that when i type for example in HL on Steam map crossfire i can’t do that jumps but when i Create game with this map this work! Please help!


Hi, I would suggest first of all checking out d0t’s speedrun tutorial. It would help with techinques like this. I would like to suggest using the goldsource package as well so your game is set up properly for submitting a run for the leaderboards.


make sure that you are ducking while being hit ^^


First question, when i am at Vortiguant when he shoot he just shoot me up and i must jump or what.
Second question, can command or something block gauss gun, grenade, vort etc. jumps? (Im using NGHL, you know what is this).


Ofc you need to jump and duck when the vort hit you !
You want to add up as much velocity as you can ^^


I have one annoying thing, when i install NGHL on C: i don’t see New game ,Load game buttons but when i install on D: i see. Do you know whats the problem? Thats crazy! xD


Hello, i try something in NGHL i think that all is ok but, i saw that that gauss gun jump is not working.
I try to play on goldsource package but i don’t know some things.
In NGHL when i create game with any map, all jumps etc. work but when i try to load game after that, my game is crashing.
Do someone have this problem or i have only this?


Please use the goldsource package as I said earlier.


I can but do you know how i can use scripts from NGHL?


just put them in your autoexec


I do all that things but there’s the same problem.
I can’t do gauss gun jump, i stay at the floor.
(demo: )




You can’t vertically gauss boost.


In Half Life we can do that, there is video:
(And in speedrunning it doesn’t work).

I record this on HL on Steam, and i choose “Create game” and map.


You cannot boost vertically in singleplayer.


Multiplayer Half-Life movement is a lot different from Single-Player, you can’t gauss boost vertically like that (you can with the self-gauss trick), and you need to jump and crouch for most boosts to work.

Please read all replies and don’t ignore them :slight_smile:


Thanks zetadezorro!
(Can i use your reply to other forum?)