Grenade Jumping


So, I’ve been learning the routes to HL2, and I’ve gotten up to d1_town_01. I’m using the route where you wallclimb on top of that roof, and then you grenade jump to get to the window. However, whenever I try the grenade jump, I just immediately die. Is there a certain way I’m supposed to hold it or something? When I turn it on easy difficulty, I can do it easily with a lot of health left over, but I thought you were supposed to run the game on hard difficulty? Thanks in advance for the responses.


HL2 runs are pretty much all done on easy


You have to have a lot of AP (suit power) to pull it off, I can’t remember exactly how much, but it should be around 40 AP, Play on normal mode or easy mode, otherwise you’d be dying constantly.

Hold the grenade lower so that it’s around the hip area too.


The originals were done on the hardest setting, fyi.


Im talking about rta runs. as far as I know, nobody has run on hard for a long time.


DWaHMoV was ran on Hard so it would’ve been able to compete with HL2DQ (also on Hard).

In Source, on Easy difficulty you can perform around 3 damage boosts with 100hp 100ap without dying and they’d boost you with the same power. On Hard you can hardly fit two boosts with the same amount of health.

Technically, running on Easy would be faster than running on Hard because of the bigger amount of damage boosts you’d be able to perform.


One smg nade deals about 35 damage and normal grenades 50, so that’s about 5 damage boosts on 100/100.