Hello, my name is havenoimagination and don’t even ask me about my real name - I’m too shy :stuck_out_tongue:

Shy, was bullied in school, don’t rly have exciting talents, good memory on even huuuge info, Social Democrat, against capitalism and anarchism. In couple of words: mediocre overgrown mentally but not physically. And of course totally not gonna leave someone in need of help possibly even if it will take my life, destiny and future.

Hope gonna get along with someone :stuck_out_tongue:

Best wishes to anyone and god bless you.



You seem like an interesting person.

What games do you play/speedrun?


Wow, dat introduction…! I’m wondering the same as Kess, you didn’t really give us any insight into what you’re here for, in terms of Source running?

Welcome to the forums nonetheless!


Well, both GoldSrc and Source Games (including Cry of Fear etc.) and interested in Silent Hill, Resident Evil and Final Fantasy series. My playlist is veeeeery random: 8-bit era games, 16-bit era games, DOS games, modern MMOFPS and so on - too much to put everything in one list.


I thought it was spam for a second myself. Anyway, welcome to the forums!


Oh man that introduction, Welcome to the forums bro!