G’day, I’m VeDi. I play games and make awful music. I run Portal, and am in the process of learning Portal 2 co-op and HL2. I also want to learn some Goldsource games, but they haven’t had the same appeal to me.

So, uh, hi.



Hi there! Welcome to the forums. :slight_smile:


Welcome! And yay more music people.


I’m seriously starting to lose track of all the musicians here.
maybe if everyone wasnt a musician these days


It’s apparently cool to make music, now.




Sorry, I can’t resist doing this anymore :frowning:


Hi there, I make music also, do you have a SoundCloud page?




Dude why did you change your avatar i mean… it looked so cool i mean it looked so cool that it looked like you’re quadrazid’s little brother… and now i have 1hp ._.


I’ll change it back, but only for you. :slight_smile: <3


I’m not, what am I doing wrong?


Pretty much everything. How can you even respectably call yourself a sourcerunner?


Well, I’m not really a sourcerunner. [sub]Yet.[/sub]


for lack of a better word