GoldSrc package BATCH not working half life

i watched the videos showing how to start speed running and they said to do the batch but it doesn’t work for me. Nothing happens. cmd opens for a millisecond then disappears. i own halflife i restarted it.

“C:\Games\GoldSrc Package\Bunnymod XT\Injector.exe” “C:\Games\GoldSrc Package\Half-Life\hl.exe +game valve_WON +noforcemparms +map c1a0”
“C:\Games\GoldSrc Package\RInput\RInput.exe” hl.exe"

"C:\bla\GoldSrc Package\Bunnymod XT\Injector.exe" C:\bla\GoldSrc Package\Half-Life\hl.exe -game valve_WON -noforcemparms +map c1a0
"C:\bla\GoldSrc Package\RInput\RInput.exe" hl.exe

mine is like this,

fix -game valve_WON -noforcemparms +map c1a0 part, you gotta change + to - on launch options and use + for the last in game command,

dont use " in the 2nd one

make sure you’re logged in to your steam(from steam client ofc)