GoldSrc Config Style for Notepad++


GoldSrc Config Style for Notepad++ by treetoon that helps keep your configs organized with colour coding for various console commands.


Instructions on installation/usage can be found in README.txt



Github page:


This is actually sick. TY


Pretty cool. I assume this works with Source too as it has the same command processing syntax, right?

Also (just wondering), any chance of supporting other editors like (Sub)lime, Atom, maybe even Nano or Vim? lol why do people even use vim


Yes, this will work with most games that use similar syntaxes. I use it with Quake and Source related games as well, all tho with slight less support I guess.

Sublime is a possibility but don’t count on it since I made this style back in 2014, but only now put it up on Github due to PJC mentioning it. Previously it was only accessible through a mediafire link.


This is dope. ty xx


This looks cool dude
will try it now!!