Gocnak Textures?


Hello. I’m new here. If this has already been discussed, then I sowwy :’(

I’ve seen Gocnak’s half life 2 speedruns, and I’ve seen that he has different textures in spots of the games. Is there a way for me to download these textures that he uses and put them in my game? If not could someone lead me to the path in which I can out my own textures into the game? Thanks!


All the textures are in the materials folder i believe. Don’t quote me on that. No there isn’t anyway to download them, they are just his custom mods and skins. Only way to get them is if Goc put HIS ghosting mod/ghosting mod textures available for download.


I believe he didn’t release them


Yalter linked me this, not sure if that’s all of them


Relevant: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/527dnao1cqyh0mk/AAAAQ8uWmyMt2KbpjXgSISUWa/sully%20textures?dl=0