Gocnak broke DWaHMoV WR!


I don’t know if you guys were there for it, but it was butt-clenching! I’m sad that Gocnak’s taking a year long break from running HL2. :’(
His time was actually 1:28:15, tyvm


It was a pretty cool run and im really happy for gocnak, but i’m super uncomfortable with the way he timed it.
What i mean is if you dont time your menuing when doing save deletion what is to stop you from just taking a 5 minute break or 20 minute break and at what point can we not consider the run as being “done in a single sitting”.
Anyways thats just me and im not saying that i think this way of timing it could never be considered “fair”
but i do think that we should at least have a vote or something like that as a community.


So when’s Ep2 runs.


Ok, when will quad beat HL21?


Totally agree. I have nothing against Gocnak but he was impatient. The discussion was not finished and I am yet to hear a good argument against timing menuing/pausing other than “we can’t find anyone to modify SourceSplit”.

The other argument I heard is “the outcome is the same”. The outcome is not the same because it does not take you the same amount of time every run to browse through the menu and delete the save. The player is responsible for the time taken to browse the menu, unlike changelevels which are required to progress through the game and are not within the player’s responsibility as they vary depending on hardware.

Sorry to sound so negative, but this has ruined Half-Life 2 RTA if you ask me (as if it wasn’t fucked up enough already). I’ve said time and time again that bypassing community discussion and dictating the rules for yourself does not work because it leads to illogical decisions. It doesn’t matter if there are no other people running RTA currently; there are other people that understand the circumstances and their opinions are just as valid.

I’m not the first to point this out but the pattern in Source seems to be: one person uses something questionable without community consultation > everyone copies them > community gets annoyed and ends up having a debate about it > agreement happens but nobody does anything about it > repeat.


^ 2nd, tbh


We did have a general agreement that SD is ok. Until the time that someone does take a 5 minute break to delete a save (which would no doubt piss off your viewers), I don’t see the point in debating hypothetical situations


The Save Deletion progress should be timed and since it was actually disallowed (and didn’t come to an official decision) as opposed to just not utilized Gocnak’s run should be re-timed or rendered invalid.

For perspective, my HL2 run used the “pause” command to gain an advantage but since there hadn’t been any say on the usage of pause my run should not be re-timed or rendered invalid because “pause” is simply just a trick that hadn’t really been utilized in this manner before.

Ultimately, I don’t think this is a big deal as there is loads of time save to be made but right has got to be right and Save Deletion is like any other trick used and should be timed.

Edit: I want to add to the matter of the pause command that I agree on that it should be timed and it’s important to have set rules and have them quickly updated. I see speedrun.com has some rules but didn’t until recently (could be mistaking my memory) and currently it still has no say on the matter of pausing.


Well i dont really think this can be called a hypothetical debate. He beat Dwahmov’s time by five seconds if he had timed his menuing he would not have beaten the time. And the fact still stands that in the current way of timing runs it dose not matter how long it takes for you to go trough the menu, in ten seconds or twenty minutes its all the same. And your viewers being mad at you dont make a difference when what you are doing is well within the established rules.


Guys, there’s a save deletion discussion thread over here https://forums.sourceruns.org/index.php?topic=2739.0 already. You can post your opinions there.


Continue the discussion there^