Ghosting Mod


Hello there, So me and some friends wanted to have a race in Ghosting Mod, but theres not a clear set of instructions, does anyone here know how to set up a server and have people connect to it?


Ghosting mod is not multiplayer it just records you as a “GHOST” and displays it as a transparent player while you play. You just have to send your friends the ghost recorings.
(Correct me if I am wrong.)


There is an MP server, however I’m not sure how to set it up, I’ll ask people to check this thread.


Oh yeah i see it says on

Ghosting mod is mod that I have been working on that can display a past run that you did, in game. Think of playing back a demo, but instead of watching the demo in first-person, the playback applies to a model in your game. This is very effective for** racing against other people, as there is an option for online**, realtime racing as well! Make sure to read the README.txt in the folder for instructions on how to set up and use the mod! (external link)


Alright so looks like you have to:

  1. Install Java 8.
  2. Get and compile the server at with the said Java 8.
  3. Maybe run that server on a different machine from the one you’re running the game on.
  4. Make sure you forward / open the port 5145 (or whatever you set it to in the server).
  5. In the game, set up gh_online_ip and gh_online_port and then do gh_online_connect.


Thanks, Will try now :3
Worked! :stuck_out_tongue: