Ghosting Mod???


So i was recently introduced to Goknaks(why do i think this spellings wrong?) ghosting mod. And because i primarily run portal i was like “okay, ill just screw around with the app id stuff in the mods files, and get it working with portal.”. and after about 2 hours of screwing with it i’ve decided to call mercy.

Is it possible? and if yes, could someone PLEASE, tell me how?


I’m sure you could modify it to work with Portal but as of right now it’s not supported.


so theres no current simplistic way to do it?


You’d have to implement all the portal mechanics into the client/server dlls because ghosting mod is basically a mod of the Episode 2 engine made to run Half Life 2 natively. It’s kinda like how you can’t do Portal>HL2 and keep the portal gun, but you can do HL2>Portal and keep all the weapons with the portal gun working.

You could technically make it work, but you wouldn’t be able to keep the all the features like ghosts, or the rearview mirror or anything.


And from what I understand the portal engine isn’t as open source as the hl2 engine. Here’s for hoping that’s wrong.


Probably not, but unless you have a good understanding of C++ and several hours on your hands, it’s probably not going to happen unfortunately.


Quite a disappointment. I have a good understanding of dos and visual basic. But I don’t think that helps. :confused:


It might be possible to create a SPT-style plugin that searches for functions. I think I remember Gocnak saying the main issue was creating entities and the rest could be done via a plugin. If this is true someone just needs to do some pattern searching and it would be possible support multiple different source games on official engine versions instead of the SDK (because isn’t the SDK subtly different??). I did want to try to do this myself, but I never got round to it, probably never will, and don’t really know how.


I havnt done much work with source or any c style languages so correct me if I’m wrong. But couldn’t you (if models and entities are the issue) use a model already in the game? Like for instance, the companion cube? And just now have it collide with anything? And for the models tail you could use something like the rocket turrets lazer. That way you don’t have to add anything new into the game aside from the code itself.


You can do anything. That’s just time consuming and effort.


With goknak being the one running the project. Does anyone know if he will be expanding the program to portal at some point?


I don’t thin so.


Shame. I know I have only recently gotten into the community, but I’ve been speed running for a large part of my short 17 year life. And so I guess I can say I’m passionate about it. It’s a real shame to see a runner as good as goknak throw in the towel.

That aside, If I knew the language I’d pick up the project. However I don’t. Maybe some time down the line I could learn and remake it for portal. Sais la vie.