Ghosting mod idea


Hi everyone, I have an quite intreresting idea for the ghosting mod. It would be like a map addon for the ghosting mod in the upper right corner showing your position, the ghosts position, your and the ghosts ups and how many ghosts are currently being played :smiley:


Send it to Goc :smiley:
I like the UPS idea for ghosts, that’ll be cool


Yes indeed I will :smiley:


While the Ghosting HUD update shows just what map the Ghost is on, positional and other data would be almost useless since the ghosts are meant to be looked at, not read from the HUD.


The online version of ghosting is coming together very nicely (UDP holepunching is fun to figure out) and I had a few ideas for a GUI version that allows for over-head map tracking of everyone connected.

Sort of like this that Valve did for Episode 2 testing, but in real time with the ghost data being sent to the server.


that seems good. I would like multiplayer ghosting :slight_smile: