Getting it started again


Hey. I’ve never contributed to the HL2DQ or anything, but the past few weeks I’ve been getting into speedrunning. I’ve read pretty much every thread on this forum, I’ve gone through all 3 HL2 episodes so far countless times and I want to get this speedrun off the ground again.I know Phase 2 never began because people lost interest. I’m not sure specifically why this was, perhaps because Valve hadn’t fixed the jerky demos, but that’s not an excuse now. I think we should all pool together and get Phase 2 going on the run for this episode.I think we can do it, and I hope other people are eager. Give a post if you’re wanting to participate.


Hey, see you have been making progress with things! Well, I can’t really help with this project, because school is taking up most of my time right now. BUT, I wish you luck in getting this organized! You know, maybe with enough practice it could be you who takes over the project o_O. Sounds like you are interested in learning. So, just run and run and run the maps and do the tricks until you are pretty comfortable with them, then start trying to beat the current records for each map. Once you do that, start working on the actual run from the beginning. Thats how we did it anyway. Good luck!


Thanks a lot. Yeah, I’ve messaged as many people as I can about getting this going again, I’ve posted on SDA about it, I found a fix for the bunnyhopping looking bad on demos, which I’ll put in a seperate topic.I don’t know about taking over, I’m not much of a leader, but who knows, sometimes when nobody else will do it I’m the one to take the reigns. See how it pans out if everything works out.Yeah, I’m pretty much just running this game as much as I can. Hopefully we can find some good shortcuts, perhaps some glitches and cut down this time to much less. I’m gonna have a look on google and find out how to make maps with NPCs in so I can practice teleporting, as it seems to be a very weak part of the run so far.


Hi there! I saw your post in SDA forums and I’m also interested on restarting this project. I like the speedruning scene and I think the HL2DQ is one of the best runs ever made! I really appreciate the effort you have put into the project, InexistenceI don’t know yet if I will be able to run by myself because I don’t have enough time at the moment, but I want to help as much as I can :)Cheers and good luck!


Hey, thanks a lot :D. Good to know my effort is appreciated. A few more days and I think we’ll start on Phase 2. During that, if at any point you want to have a run, just download the save file and record demos and let us know you’re running it. It’s quite open :smiley:


Hey!Happy to see the project running again.I was already there for HL2DQ and really enjoyed the community doing it.For now I don’t think I’ll be able to speedrun, but I’ll comment anyway.Good luck!