Gauss Boost Script Issue

// Gauss boost 
alias +tau +attack2 
alias -tau "cl_pitchup 180;cl_pitchdown -180;-attack2;wait;cl_pitchup -12;cl_pitchdown 12;wait;cl_pitchup 89.999;cl_pitchdown 89.999" 

Every time I save and load the crosshair changes to the Gauss position, this is problematic when doing segments as the screen will jump at every segment. It also jumps to the middle of the screen after ESCAPE is pressed from the menu to unpause the game.

Is there any way to fix this? I’ve unbound it for now.

Any thoughts?


Try keeping the script in a separate CFG file and then make a bind to execute it so it’ll only work when you need it and will not execute -tau during loads. All alias commands with - execute on a level load, unpause for some reason.


But the seperate CFG file would always execute when the userconfig.cfg is executed unless there is a way to make sure it doesn’t on loads.
I couldn’t get that working at least, so I’ve bound two buttons, one to bind my +tau key, and one to unbind it. This fixes my problem kind of, even tho I would really love to have the Gauss bound at all times.

Anyone interested in specifics, here’s what I did:

//Gauss boost
unbind "mouse5" //makes sure Gauss boost is off on startup
alias +tau +attack2
alias -tau "cl_pitchup 180;cl_pitchdown -180;-attack2;wait;cl_pitchup -12;cl_pitchdown 12;wait;cl_pitchup 89.999;cl_pitchdown 89.999"
bind "UPARROW" "bind mouse5 +tau"
bind "DOWNARROW" "unbind mouse5"

I’m not to familiar with this scripting language, if anyone could throw together something better I’d be very happy :slight_smile:


How about

alias _taubo
alias _taubofunc "cl_pitchup 180;cl_pitchdown -180;-attack2;wait;cl_pitchup -12;cl_pitchdown 12;wait;cl_pitchup 89.999;cl_pitchdown 89.999"
alias +tau "+attack2; alias _taubo _taubofunc"
alias -tau "_taubo; alias _taubo"
bind mouse5 +tau

This is the standard boilerplate to avoid the situation you encountered. No need to unbind or things like that. Modify _taubofunc to suit your needs.


Thanks! works great


Airstrafers, if I were you I would see if I could get a hold of Quad and see if he can get that script into the HL1 helpdesk thread. Its very useful to not have a tau boost go off after a quick load.


Added this to the Wiki.