Garry's Mod ABH


In this game, ABH working with autohotkey
run this file as administrator (i tested it on windows 10, without admin, it not working)
in the game, sprint backward (shift+s), then jump, and hold ctrl and the C key.
i think its working on every (new) source engine based game




This has been found before. You don’t need the script tho you can just bind jump to the mousewheel.

bind mwheelup +jump
bind mwheeldown +jump

AFH and ASH and wallclimb work too.
(btw Are you from hungary? o.O)


yes, i am from hungary :smiley:


Na akkor üdvözlet! :slight_smile:


szia :smiley:

nem gondoltam volna, hogy itt is vannak magyarok :smiley: