Funny Stuff in HL Games


In this topic I want to discuss stuff which is useless for speedrun but still funny.In HL2.2:1. Chapter “Freeman pontifex”.After the Antlion Guards battle,you must get up the cliff and lower the elevator.It is stuck because of axe.Get to the elevator close enough but do not break its roof.Get the gravity gun and release the axe.The elevator will go down,but its roof will stay in the air because of a wooden stick.If you break that stick,the roof will fall.Get into the elevator with Alyx and vort.If you’ll stay under the floating roof,the elevator will stop and you’ll be stuck between the roof and floor.But if you walk out of the roof’s way the elevator will skip it as it doesn’t exist at all.It was fun to see.2. Same chapter,a bit later.Get to the open field and fire a rocket to where the Alyx must stay. (or you can fire a SMG grenade - there is a box with infinite grenades just in case). The Combine Soldier would fall out of “Alyx” place.So it isn’t Alyx who’s sniper,it is a sniper who pretends to be Alyx! Interesting,huh?I can’t remember any more interesting bugs in Ep2…because I played it just 2 times,but I want to discover something more.We could make a F.A.Q. or something.


Haha, I didn’t know the second one. It was so funny!Unfortunately I haven’t discovered any bugs/glitches at all… :confused: