Frictionless Scroll Wheel


So I’ve been hearing about these mice with frictionless scroll wheels. What that is is a Scroll wheel that does not stop spinning. I’ve looked a little bit into these and was wondering if anyone here has tried one. This sounds like it would be the perfect mouse for ABHing or Bunnyhopping. The one I have in mind is the Logitech M500.

If anyone has tried frictionless scrolling please let me know and share your opinion. Thank you.


They’re also known as freescrolling wheels, I believe they are quite popular nowadays, there’s also Logitech G502 mouse that has one.

I think people used it for HL1 scriptless runs (or atleast there was a debate about using them), and if I recall correctly someone uses(-ed) it for HL2 runs as well.

I’ve heard it doesn’t work that well on CS:GO though, something about too many +jump inputs backfiring when it comes to bhopping, so it might be the case to some games as well.


I personally would go for perfection and do the tricks myself, maybe thats why I suck who knows.


Freescrolling is banned in HL1 (there was a poll ages ago).


Yea, Maxxuss uses one.
Also as far as I know Source likes to eat jump inputs if you spam it too much but if you don’t make it spin insane speeds you should be fine.


I have the G500s and I love it for casual use. For speedrunning I don’t like it because I feel I lose a lot of control with it. But I do believe that freescrolling could be learned so it provides at least equal control and not really have any disadvantages. It becomes hard to time jumps with freescrolling as it doesn’t really do inputs in even intervals, at least not if you’re just flicking your finger and waiting for it to slow down (unless doing mindless spamming, most of the time I’d say you should have your finger on the mwheel).

For HL1 freescrolling works very well with higher fps values and for 100 fps it is quite a bit harder to use but should provide a big advantage if you master it.

For hl2/portal I believe it’s much harder to use but haven’t tried it a lot. Once again, it depends on how used you are to using it. For me it would probably help for my first abh but after that it would be horrible.

Even though it’s banned in HL1 I still think you should experiment with it and if you like it, you should keep it. Maybe at some point there will be a new vote about freescrolling as it becomes more common.


I have a Razer Naga Epic Chroma, it didn’t come with a frictionless mousewheel, I had to open it and loosen it up a bit but it’s super useful.

How do you tell if someone submits a run that was run by someone using a freescrolling mousewheel?


Great idea. I’ll try this on an old compaq mouse and see if I like it before buying one.


Generally at 100FPS (i.e some Half-Life and pretty much all Opposing Force runs) it’s not too useful; I’ve heard jumps are usually mistimed when bunnyhopping and at that framerate you probably won’t get too long of a duckroll slide out of it either. At higher framerates however (i.e some Half-Life and pretty much all Blue Shift runs), duckrolling with freescrolling is very useful and it’d be pretty easy to tell if someone was using it just by watching the run and looking at the length of the slides they get.

Saying that, there’s no real 100% reliable method of checking it and without some sort of anti-cheat system this applies to a lot of other cheating methods also. Right now cheat detection is mostly reliant on moderators who verify submissions.


In pretty much all Goldsrc and Source games you can only jump on every other tick/frame, if you scroll faster than this your jumps will be eaten. This is the main thing you need to watch out for while freescrolling. For HL2 and Portal it’s mostly just preference and most people with freescroll mice don’t use it. Personally I found it too annoying to deal with so I decided not to learn it.

In Portal 2 however there’s no cap on how fast you can scroll(at least as far as I can tell), although I have no idea if free scrolling there is allowed or not.


Unfortunately my mouse is incapable of a spring removal. From what I can tell, a normal mouse scroll wheel will do just fine for me right now, considering freescrolling is banned in GoldSRC and Source will eat up my inputs. If I ever truly need an upgrade, I’ll consider getting a mouse with a freescroll toggle to try it out. For now, I’ll stick with what I know works good enough for me. Thank you all.