Does anyone know what causes this?

so if you do the edge glitch on chapter 10 that demonstrate does in portal done pro, but when you land on the platform where he edges on the orange portal, you move your blue portal so that its in the corner above the acid with its right side up against the full wall then you edge glitch and fire straight down, with the top of your camera towards the acid the game will crash. hard.

i’m using source unpack.

Edit: let me explain better.
step 1: navigate to the platform where you do the edge glitch.
step 2: face ratmans din. look up.
step 3: fire your(blue) portal so its against the roof above ratmans din, and its right side is on the right wall.
step 4: edge glitch with the orange portal under you.
step 5: look at the wall ratmans din is on.
step 6:look straight down.
step 7: fire your blue portal.
step 8: crash hard as a city bus into an old folks home. crash. hard.

“Engine error”
“ED_Alloc: no free edicts”

Please explain?


Recording a video would help plus I’m pretty sure you’ve got the chambers mixed up since nobody ever has used any sort of an edge glitch route on 10.


Pretty sure he’s talking about chamber 17.
Also if you don’t want your game to crash, do a better strat. If you’re gonna run inbounds that strat is invalid anyway 8)


I run Oob. Also, chapter 10 is chamber 17.


600% certain everyone uses the map command and has no idea what chapter anything is any time ever. Also if you run oob, do under elevator, it’s fast.


Havnt quite figured out under elevator. I’ve spent about an hour playing “monkey see monkey do” trying to figure out how but havnt been able to.


very simple
step 1
get under the elevator
step 2
shoot a portal on the floor in the same spots placed in the oob runs you see
step 3
stand on it and wait for the next map to load
step 4
walk to the other side of the elevator
step 5
shoot a portal on the LSD wall
step 6
that is it
also sorry if I come off as rude, I’m just a generally sarcastic person. I really am trying to help ¯(ツ)/¯


If you are in front of a portal when the level loads and the other portal gets removed by the load, then you will be save glitched when you fire the second portal, assuming you are not still in front of the first portal (because then it would instantly cancel). So stop being in front of the first portal, fire the second on the vertical nodraw surface, walk out under the elevator, fire a portal at the bottom of the next elevator, go in front of the first portal while that’s in the air, and PQR to get under the elevator.



Thank you both. Youve just cut about 3 minutes off my best time. <3 (no homo)

Also, sunset bear, its ok, I’m a dick too.