(This has been in the registration agreement, but since that’s indefinitely down, I’m going to post it here.)

With the implementation of these rules, we will no longer be warning people unless they’ve done something that’s not posted here. If you break one of the rules, in most cases, it’s an instant 5-day ban with the warning posted to you. The second infraction will lead to a permanent one. Furthermore, seniority doesn’t excuse anyone from breaking these.


  1. No spam of any kind. This includes creating topics when they’re not necessary (IE making a topic asking for help just to figure it out seconds later), making nonsense posts, ADVERTISING OF ANY KIND (this includes twitch), frequent posting for the sake of posting and not contributing in any way to the forum, and making multiple posts that could fit into one.

Furthermore, do not double post unless there’s a good reason to bump the thread (for example if it’s been inactive for a long time and there are still questions unanswered, or if you started the topic and have an update on the matter).

  1. DON’T BE AN ASSHOLE. I cannot stress this enough; if you’re going to start arguments or purposefully try to get under other peoples’ skin on our forums, please do not participate here. We’ve banned a member of HL2DQ because he has acted like a dick on multiple occasions, so we’re perfectly okay with banning whoever we need to.

Due to the severity of what you’ve posted, we reserve the choice to skip the temp-ban and go straight to a permanent one.

2a. This also includes acting better than someone for no reason. Everyone is equal here, and no amount of outside influence will change that.

  1. Don’t overuse obnoxious (preferably any) memes, i.e. Lenny, anti-memes such as “so le funni xDDDD”, or other popular memes (the one most common here is the “hl3 confirmed” one).

  2. And of course, don’t do things you wouldn’t do on other forums, i.e. porn, gore, whatever.

Subject to change.