For Tahlia!


This really me! :-[


Okay guys I am finally going to come out and admit it. I am gay. My secret boyfriend threaten to end things if I could not show that I was not ashamed of him. This is for you Brent <3


This means so much to me.
Brent <3


I’m actually amazed you managed to figure out how to make an account. Did someone help you? :stuck_out_tongue:


This is why people put passwords on their laptop!


Haha. She wanted me to do it to prove that I was “TYPICAL” and not taking credit for another person’s work. :-[


Called it.


Shush Jared. She didn’t even know about the in joke here and she still told me to say it. :frowning:


How is it my fault I don’t know what goes down in Germanland?