Finished the run!


I know we’ve been finished for a few days, but I felt the need to make a topic about it for some reason.

So yeah, 35:31. Give me your feedback guys on what you thought of this :D, I wanna know what you all feel now it’s over.

I’ve still not really accepted that it’s over, since I still have stuff to do, make sure the video’s getting done, get the comments all sorted (Which I’ve done now), still need to organise audio commentary and submitting it, and I think that I’ll only stop once it’s published on SDA.

Also, I emailed Yahn Bernier again, telling him how we’ve finished the run and everything. Got a reply pretty quick:

"Sounds very cool. Send me the link when it’s ready to watch and I’ll get it out to everyone here for feedback


I asked him for some responses from the employees who worked on ep1, so hopefully we’ll have some amazed and some very angry game designers telling us what they thought :smiley:


Heh. What are the odds that they put EVERYTHING back in for Ep3 just because it looks awesome and adds replayability. hint hint nudge. :wink:




I know you guys have already heard this a bunch of times, but nice job on the 35:31.

Hopefully EP2 will go just as smoothly as EP1. Start practicing your abh’s :slight_smile: