Finally getting around to this


Hey guys,
I’m Wheel5 (pronounced Wheels), or you can call me Allen. I sometimes run Portal 1, but I spend most of my time doing music stuff. I’ve been producing music for 4 years, and I do sound engineering as well.
I’d be happy to help answer any audio questions that I can.


Welcome to the forums, it’s about time!


Welcome to the excitement that is the forums


Just don’t forget you’re registered here again.


Sup : >


hey wheel5, welcome. i produce music too, have done so properly for almost 3 years now, you got a soundcloud? here’s mine:


So cool that others in SourceRuns are making music as well :smiley:


You already know what mine is, so I won’t post it.


i don’t believe i do since i’m pretty new here also, PM me or link?



I use 2 Soundcloud accounts.
Music I write myself will go on
and music I write with my friend will go on here