Final Video Release?

I’ve been scouring your forums and looking for a release date. I’ve been following hl2dq for a bit but fell off for a bit. Now I’ve come back and I see chatter about it nearing completion. I was wondering when we can expect a final, compiled and edited version of the video. I expect it will be hosted on FileFront/FilePlanet?Good luck to you folks, you’ve done great work and we cant wait to see it all put together!- oneil

Try here towards the bottom and the next page. Especially 3rd post from bottom of page 12. Although I don’t know who it will be available to, maybe everyone that frequents this forum?

Hah! Thanks for pointing that out, I wouldve had trouble finding it on page 12 ;PFor ‘everyone that frequents this forum’? I’ve followed this project since day 1 but broke off after about Follow Freeman due to school. I’d find it kinda unfair if I werent allowed to see it even if I didnt get around to posting anything relevant? Though it’s simply your theory and nothing to fuss about until spoken by the leaders, I await another opinion. Thanks!

By “frequent the forum” I meant “you are here to click the link”. Doesn’t mean you registered, but my voice has no say here :wink:

if the video quality sucks, ill have to make an uber quality one, with some filtering, and post it on my filefront account. But where can i download all the demos? and i still need to see if i can run the older demos, havent played in a while.

QUOTE (FU3L3D @ Mar 24 2006, 12:19 AM)But where can i download all the demos?You can get them in the Technical support forum. Go to “Pinned: Making final video tips”. It’s the 3rd post down, by |Z|Option. Look for the fluffy white meow cat avatar.