Final Movie.

well played to samppa on the members only board.Now i was just wondering what most of you guys thought bout the final movie, as we are the ones who contributed to it, what do we think?Its probably gonna be a bit easier in here, as there wont be all the guests, and random people saying what they think.I personnally dont care about the intro, think we should have a ui with runner etc, and have the hl2 credits done with our names.

The original plan as laid out by Tamale and a few of the other creators of the project (such as me and Matthias) was to have two different official final movies. One would simply be the run spliced together, uncut and in its entirety with nothing but credits at the end. The other movie was to be the “remixed” version, complete with loads of effects, on screen visuals such as the current runner, a stopwatch running the time, etc. This version would still show the entire run, but the coolest tricks and segments would be highlighted, with effects like slow motion or even instant replaying, etc. Obviously the first movie would be relatively straightforward to create, if not time consuming, but for the second movie, someone will need to be very dedicated and talented in order to produce a quality film. I always wanted a group like Shaolin to do it, but I have not been in contact with them for some time.

yeah, i remember that being the plan, the only problem is, that we then have to trouble the makers to create 2 different movies. That is why I (/we?) thought it necessary to compromise, and just make one movie, somewhere in between. And that is the reason why I wanted to make a trailer, as we could just take the best tricks, and do some of the effects you mentioned.As far as I know, jrb from shaolin productions is on board. He will be the key person in all of this.

Even though it is a lot of work, I think the first type of movie, the full unedited run, has to be done because it is the primary product. If you go over to the speed demos archive, all of the “official” speedruns are spliced together and uncut. I don’t think it would be good to edit effects into the official movie, as it might lead some to question the validity or legitimacy for whatever reason. Making a nice trailer to highlight a lot of the cool tricks could be a replacement for the second type of movie, if nobody wanted to make the whole thing.

Yeah, of course. i wasnt expecting tricks in the speed run one. I was only suggesting a UI with runners name etc. or will that still not be allowed? :blink:

wow LX is here :slight_smile:

When people hear “tool-assisted” they think 50000 saves, and that is not what this is. This was a lot of hard work and by work I don’t just mean time and patience. Skill was also a big factor in this, and I can honestly say that using AHK and playing at the quality that we did is much much harder than matching or even beating marshmellows time without. Calling it “tool-assisted” just demeans the work we have done.We use a script that loops the jump button as long as it is held in, and that is exactly what we should put in whatever “introduction” text we make for the movie, because that is EXACTLY what it is. The only people that need to know what specific script utility we used is Radix/SDA, because they are the only ones with special guidelines that we care about. A script is a script is a script, and the fact that we used a windows scripting utility for convienence because the primitive HL2 script did not provide a standard loop function should mean jack-squat to the average user. As long as they know we held a button down to jump repeatedly, they are set. Besides, most people who hear the term “autohotkey” will most likely not understand what it is, and it will just cause unnecessary confusion.By the way, I’m still not entirely convinced looping is not possible in HL2 script. There are commands for looping, used in conjunction with some sort of run script command, that I am not 100% sure how to use. I have also been told by somebody that looping is possible in HL2 script when I mentioned we used AHK for the loop feature, but I do not remember who it was, and I did not ask how, although I don’t remember why. Unfortunately, there doesn’t seem to be enough information about those commands that I could find.

I agree. But none the less, this is tool assisted, there is no way you can deny that.A explanation about what the “script” does included in the movie or in a textfile that noone will read is good enough for me. That way there will be no misunderstandings and such. we should also provide how many segments that is used and maby even small explanations to all maps in the textfile. I will take a little while to write but it will take a little while for jrb to finish the movie anyway.

Well actually I can deny that it is tool-assisted :PSince “tool-assisted” is unique jargon in the speedrunning community, it is defined by said community. Go to Bisqwit’s site and see how tool-assisted movies are made, and then look at how we make our demos, and you will see the difference.We work for our demos, and all that we used is a script. It was not a script that played for us, but a script that pressed the spacebar over and over and over again regardless of anything happening on screen. If you understand what a script is, you would understand that just because it is not in-game does not mean that it isn’t the same thing. Just because it is a seperate background process does not give it enough justification to move into the “tool-assisted” category. If it did, why would I waste my time running maps for minutes at a time? I might as well have made 2000 saves for each demo and be done with it.By the way, if by the end of this movie I find a way to loop code in HL2 script, would that suddenly make this run NON tool-assisted to you? Assume we used this script since the beginning of the project, for argument’s sake. Same code, same script, same functionality, but all of a sudden it’s possible in HL2 script so it’s not a tool? I think arguing that because we are using one additional function of a better scripting language than default HL2 bumps us up into “tool-assisted” territory, is just wrong. Valve did not exclude loops (if it even did) intentionally to thwart this sort of thing.

Yeah, its all about definition of the word.when I read tool assisted, I think of a “run” that is assisted by a external tool.(but in that case, we can consider the keyboard as a tool for moving the player in game)But you are right about that I think it would be more “legit” if there were a way to do this AHK script in hl2, because then we havnt moved outside the game and taken help from something that isnt hl2.We can debate this thing all night long but I dont think that will do much good because I agree of what you say.

At the beginning of one of the movies (or somewhere at least) we should explain what things are. I think someones already said it, but I couldnt be bothered to read all the above, I just mean like, we should explain that flying is repeatedly jumping on an object, and that bhopping is just fast jumping etc. because just watching th movie might make some people think we hack or have used cheats of somekind

Yeah, we will definitely expain that we used a script which loops the jump button as long as it is held in. I agree with that.