Fastest way to complete Water Hazard on v 4044


So my fastest time was 6 hours and 5 minutes, and the level that really slowed me down was Water Hazard because I have to use the slow ass boat. The problem being, I cannot fly with props since the gunship keeps shooting and breaking them. Is it just best to wing it with the boat?


You just do it on foot. Faster than the airboat. jump to one hour into this for the start of the airboat section


After propflying with an explosive barrel piece, I conclude that no-boating Water Hazard is impossible in 4044.


That tutorial that was posted 2 hours ago tells you exactly how to to boat-less water-hazard in 4044, It’s defenitely not impossible.
It’s also the same tutorial i posted on your last post.


Bob, you can’t ABH in 4044, so using ABH on ramps is impossible to use.


The tutorial posted is for Old engine. And as an old engine runner i know you can’t ABH. Please watch the tutorials you get sent when you ask how to do something before complaining its impossible.