Faster way of doing d3_c17_10b


So it turns out that you don’t need the table to clip through the ground. You can instead clip through the ground via a conveniently placed hopper (which you can see in action in the link below). It will only work when the bottom of it is facing the wall.

PS. If you take out the turret at the beginning fast enough (it only works with an SMG grenade or a rocket), Barney will immediately say “Great, I’ll open this up”. You can see that done with an SMG grenade with this link:

(Performed on Source Unpack)




If anyone is wondering why your game is crashing when you play the demo, enable subtitles(closecaption 1). (if you record a demo with subtitles on, the game will crash if you try to play the demo with subtitles off.)

Nice find though.