Faster loading of maps


can someone point me some tweaks to make HL2 maps load faster? i have 2x256 MB TwinMos DDR3200 in Dual Channel. the game works just fine, but i hate the loading times of maps! even if i select the lowest graphics it’s still loading pretty long… i don’t care about eyecandy/quality and stuff i just need some cvars to make things more alert when comes to loading.


Try Defragmenting your HDD…Other than that all you can do is get a faster Harddrive.


there is some “precache everything” mode that you can set but Im not sure that will help.anyway, is there a way to not loose speed at map load ? as it is now I have the proper speed about every 7th run or so (at the beginning).MaximusX said something about pausing If I remember correctly but I dont know what that was about.


I’ll probably get into A LOT of trouble for saying this, but make of the hacked/cracked/pirated copies of HL2 have much faster loading times. There are two major reasons for this and they are for the 2 different ways the cracked copies work:One of the hacked copies works by extracting all the gcf’s and adding + modifiying a few files to fool hl2.exe into thinking steam is running. This obivous reason here is that this get’s rid of all of the gcf overhead and shortcuts and steam checking.Another one is where they use a steam emulator that does the steam and gcf stuff. A handful of the code is from steam 3 betas (hey this thing was made roughly a year ago). This is faster for the same reasons as the other one. Hopefully steam 3 will benefit from speed enhancements seen here. Personally, I haven’t seen the same dramatic performance benefit in steam 3.Of course, if you are REALLY into it, you should get 4 GB’s of RAM, and put the GCF’s in a RAM disk (a virtual disk that is really kept in your ram).Note: Hopefully, it’s plain to someone above that this message does not condone piracy in anyway. It only promotes extreme ways of optimizing the game that are unsupported by Valve.


When Steam was first released to the public, the differences between it and WON were dramatic. The most noticeable one was the slowness of launching and loading.Since HL2 is “updated” every so often through Steam, a pirated version of the game is hard to keep up to date. People should always use the latest version of the game while running (unless decided otherwise). A legitimate version, however, is easier to optimize the way you said if one knows what they’re doing. Doing so could still be illegal in some countries.


You bring up some good points although your reply is only half correct. This is due to point I mentioned about 2 differen’t ways the pirated forms are distrubuted. Allow me to clearify:There are 2 ways of running applictation from steam without steam (of course, there are hacked verions of steam around as well…). Those are the two mentioned in my previous posting. One involves extracting all the files while the other involve mounting the gcf’s. Both of them require a few files to fool the game into thinking steam is there (both methods incidentally use the same replacement files).You seem to be referring to the form where all the files have been extracted. This is particularily popular on p2p since updates can be administered without steam. When one simply creates such a copy from gcf files, its referred to as an “extracted version.” The extracted versions on p2p are called “Emperio” and “Vengence” by the groups that made them. However, you will rarely see vengence floating around anymore due to them simply re-releasing emperio stuff. Emperio’s version, as you mentioned, is extremely tedious to keep up to date and I believe there really isn’t anyone who is trying to keep it up to date any more. Let me put it this way, it involves applying around 25-30 rared updates, in order.The other type of steam-less install is much more common legally (gcf’s through steam) and illegaly (gcf’s through hacked steam). Plus, it obviously does not suffer from difficult updates since people update through steam, and simply play without steam.I hope I don’t give away too much about copying as I’m really trying to explain the details without condoning copying. I hope this clearifies some things.


@o40: prove me wrong, but I somehow imagine to renember that you’d have to keep space pressed while loading (with ahk) and it’ll keep your speed. no garantuees though.