Fall from really high flying (nub Q)


i was wondering how do u guys not get hurt from falling?? i saw the video, but did u guys like press the “fast walk” button (before u stop flying) to make that not hurt?? whats the deal with that??i know flying is combination of autohotkey and an object and u step on it and stuff, but cant figure how u not get hurt from falling, not just flying but in 1 area where the du fall from the edge of the map and he didnt get hurt at all.


Did you mean this?CODE ============Free Falling============Team Discoverer: DaleLewillDescription: Falling while balanced on an object and landing without recieving any damage.Explanation-----------If you stop flying while midair on an object with enough surface area (usually better if it is long) and balance yourself in the middle, both you and the object will drop at the same rate. Since your gravity in HL2 is not relative to the “earth” but to any surface beneath you, you do not receieve fall damage once your object hits the ground. It is possible that your object may break, however.Map specific trick explanations among all other information is available on SDA and Archive.org.

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