Hello there, I’m ulysseso.0, and I’m here to join this community (of course). I first heard of SourceRuns when I had just finished Half-Life 2 and looked up “Half-Life 2 Speedrun” on YouTube (because I’m always willing to see how fast people can finish certain games). I stumbled across a run called “DWaHMoV” and I was just amazed that the game could be beaten in only 1 hour 20 minutes (took me around 2 months for me). I learned about the glitches that were used, such as ABH, wall-climbing, and stucklaunching.

So then I watched HL2 Done Quicker, only around a week later when it was uploaded (40 MINUTES!), and its episode Done Quick. After watching these runs, and watching the excellent and precise executions, this just made me want to join and meet some of the speedrunners that are a part of this community. I’m hoping to do a bit of speedrunning of Half Life 2 and its episodes myself in the near future. It certainly looks like quite an experience!


Hello, welcome to the forums!


Welcome. If you’d like to get started speedrunning HL2, you should download the Source Unpack, Ghosting Mod, and the 5135 maps. There’s also a tutorial playlist by peroquenariz.


Welcome! Be sure to join our discord! :slight_smile: