Explanation video


NOTE: This is NOT the thing where we all come together into a Skype call and laugh. We will worry about Audiocommentaries when the run is done.

Seeing how PDPr’s commentary turned out, I’m starting this NOW.

Here’s the deal:
We’re gonna talk people through what the fuck is actually going on in this run, similar to what Quad did for his Opposing Force run.

Matmo and I have been assigning segments to people to talk about, you can find in the google doc.
You may find that you have not been assigned a segment that you got. Two reasons:

  1. You have way too many segments and already get to talk a lot (Gocnak), or:
  2. Your segment is only 10 seconds long, and it would be confusing to switch people talking every 10 seconds.

If you disagree with a specific segment assignment, then post that in here. If you REALLY want to talk about specific segment X, then post in here.

Other discussion as well.


I have been writing a transcript for 026, I hope to get it recorded and an example ready soon.

I’d really like you to get writing a transcript as well.
Here’s some points to think about:

-Avoid saying “I do this”, use “we do this” instead. Or maybe talk second person (“To pull this off, you have to do this”). Using “I” is weird because people have been assigned talking segments that aren’t actually there’s. Same goes for “He does this”. Let’s get consistent here.
-I’d prefer doing this in chronological order (don’t talk 064 if 063 hasn’t been written yet), but if we do it like that chances are this won’t get done. Doing it out of chronological order does mean we might mess up the “as you’ve seen before” kind of stuff.
-Before you get recording, you might wanna check your notes with others on incorrect data, useless data or lack of data. Although in the process of recording, a lot of the stuff will be changed anyway because some things sound fine on paper, but really awkward when you actually send it through your mic.
-Tools to your disposal include slowmo, pausing, external demo footage to show stuff, speeding up the boring parts. Write them in your transcript so the video editor (I’d like to do this) can bring all the stuff together. Sending a lot of video files over dropbox isn’t desirable for some, so instead you can just hand me 1) the actual audiofile with you talking 2) a .txt containing the transcript so I know when to pause/slowmo etc if I can’t deduct that from the audiofile. 3) Additional .dem’s showing relevant stuff.
I hope to get an example video ready shortly showing what exactly I have in mind with this.


Second post in case I need it.